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Coronavirus / COVID-19 Training Solutions

We understand that there is a lot of uncertainty and nervousness around Coronavirus/COVID-19 currently, which we completely understand!

That's why, we're offering some sensible solutions to help provide you with the same high quality, high impact training our customers have come to expect but at a location convenient for you.

This means that you'll have peace of mind and comfort whilst learning skills that will transform the way you work, long after the current situation is resolved.

The two solutions of training we currently expect to be the most popular are included below;

Online Training / Virtual Training

All of our training is focused around you and our online/virtual training takes this to a whole new level by giving you access to this from anywhere in the World.

Currently sat on a desert island waiting for this all to blow over? We can't blame you! But thankfully, you can still access our training solutions ensuring you are the best Excel wiz around.

To find out more about our Online/Virtual Training options, please click here:

Alternatively, to check out our online training dates, please click here:

*laptop/computer with internet access and speakers required.

Training Vouchers

Prefer face to face training but currently unsure of when you can secure this? We can't blame you. That's why we're offering a whole host of fantastic training vouchers that will ensure you are the first to access training once everything clears up.

For this, we basically provide you a shiny virtual voucher, (shininess not guaranteed) that basically says you hold the value of X courses. We then pop you into our database so we know you're a priority customer and once everything has cleared up, we give you access to preferential dates!

This option will mean we can stagger your training budget and provide for our staff and trainers in what's expected to be a more turbulent time.

To secure a voucher or secure any future training dates, speak to our team on or call us on 0151 650 6907.