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Opinion: Why Furlough Could Be The Perfect Time To Train

21st Apr 2020 SquareOne Training

With Government guidance around training on furlough being ammended, now could be the perfect time to learn that skill you've been delaying

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PowerPoint - Converting text to SmartArt graphics

4th Sept 2018 SquareOne Training

Tired of the same text on a slide in PowerPoint?

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OneDrive or SharePoint Team Sites?

19th Jan 2017 SquareOne Training

It's not unusual to wonder where documents should be stored in Office 365. I am always being asked “What is the difference between OneDrive and SharePoint in Office 365 – and where is the best place to store documents.”    

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Not Saved Your Work in Microsoft Office?

15th Oct 2016 SquareOne Training

Have you ever closed down a document without saving?

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Microsoft Tips – Entering Telephone and Part Numbers in Excel

13th Oct 2016 SquareOne Training

Excel tips to save time and become more productive.

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How shortcuts can reduce RSI when using Microsoft Office

28th Apr 2016 SquareOne Training

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) can be caused by a variety of tasks you do repeatedly.

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Typing and Formatting Date Tricks in Microsoft Excel

15th Jan 2016 Lisa Johnson

Typing and formatting Excel spreadsheets with dates. Blog written by Lisa Johnson - SquareOne Training

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Get organised this year with Microsoft OneNote

7th Jan 2016 SquareOne Training

OneNote is a digital notebook that goes anywhere.

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Excel Blog – Microsoft Tips – Entering Telephone Numbers in Excel

12th May 2015 Lisa Johnson

Whenever you enter anything into Excel the format of the cells is set to "General". This means that numbers will be aligned to the right and text will be aligned to the left.

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Microsoft Office Tips – Using ALT Keyboard Sequences

14th Nov 2014 Lisa Johnson

To type a special character in any Microsoft Office application, you can use an ALT keyboard sequence. Press the ALT key and hold it down. While the ALT key is pressed, type the sequence of numbers, then release the ALT key. The special character will then be displayed.

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