Get organised this year with Microsoft OneNote


I have spoken about this fantastic package before - but as a new year starts - this really is a great time to plan and get organised for the year ahead.

I am aware that many people still aren't using Microsoft OneNote for either their business or personal life, so I thought I would share my thoughts on this application with you.

First of all check your start button and search for OneNote. This application could already be hidden away in the start button - or if not you can download it for free to work on multiple devices such as your PC, Tablet, iPhone, iPAD, or Smart Device.

So what is OneNote?

In summary OneNote is an electronic version of a paper notebook where you can write down your thoughts, ideas, notes, scribbles, reminders/tasks, and all kinds of useful information.

Unlike Word where you are limited to formatting of indents, tabs and margins; OneNote allows you to type and insert graphics, tables or other objects anywhere on a blank canvas in sections, pages and sub-pages.

OneNote has integrated Audio and Video capabilities, allowing you to capture ideas also by recording within the note and full integration with Outlook Calendar and Tasks.

Unlike the notes in a paper notebook, OneNote also lets you add, move, and delete anything. You can add more space where and when you need it, and you can stay organised by dragging note items into existing notes, sections or other notebooks.

Because of the seamless integration with Outlook and Skype for Business - I am now using this to make my meeting notes - I can click a button and it will insert the Outlook Calendar invite - distribution/attendee lists and related attachments. I also drag and drop emails into my notes so that I have directions, confirmation meeting or email details inside OneNote - so when I am out and about everything is in a central area.

Once you make notes from a meeting - a couple of clicks will allow you to either email the notes to people - or better still share the file for immediate collaboration of shared notes and ideas.

Want to find out more.... then here is a link to the Microsoft website, which will show you an overview of this fantastic package.... and if you really want to see the full benefit of this then speak to us about a course. But either way have a go and make 2016 the year you found out how to - Use it anywhere.... Work together..... Keep it together.

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