Typing and Formatting Date Tricks in Microsoft Excel

To type dates in Excel quickly the best way is to highlight the column or range that you would like to type dates into.

  1. CTRL+Spacebar will select the column faster if you like shortcuts.
  2. Once you have selected the range - press CTRL+1 which will take you to Format Cells - you can then select Short Date for example.

By doing this process you no longer need to enter the year if it is within the current year to date. For example you can enter 1/6 - this will then be formatted at 01/06/2016

Dates need to be formatted as / to allow you to analysis the data effectively. If you receive a spreadsheet with the following formats: 01.06.2016 for example do this:H

  1. Highlight the cells that you would like to format - press CTRL+F.
  2. In the Find box type a .
  3. In the Replace box type a /
  4. Press Replace All

You can then analysis your data in filters and Pivot Tables and the dates are able to sort also.

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