OneDrive or SharePoint Team Sites?


When to save documents to OneDrive?

It’s your file and you would like to keep it private – you have control

If you think of OneDrive firstly as your personal storage area on the cloud. All documents you upload or save to this area will be private unless you share them. So if you are working on a draft document or you have personal documents, that no else needs to see – then OneDrive would be the best place.

I want to share documents with certain people – lightweight collaboration

Other documents that would be suitable in OneDrive are the files that have limited scope or lifecycle. You may be working on a small project and need some collaboration with a few people whilst developing the content. So by uploading this to your OneDrive you can then send people links to the file and set read or editing permissions. Collaboration can be done online simultaneously.

When to save documents to SharePoint (Team Site)

The file belongs to the group

You would store your documents in a SharePoint Team Site when the document you are working on is relevant to a project or team. By adding the document to a Team Site you would be automatically sharing this according to the library settings of this area and wouldn’t need to set these for individual documents.

More than just a document

Other benefits of storing documents in SharePoint Team Sites is the ability to work with the check-in and check-out feature of document management. This will alert your team that you are currently working on the document and automatically give them a read only version of the document whilst checked out.

On top of this – why would you use SharePoint Team Sites?

Many other reasons and I am listing a few only: Custom Views, Custom Lists, Search, Version Control, Workflows, Event Lists, Task Lists, Shared Calendars and many more……

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