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Case Studies

One Major Oil & Gas Company, Seven Countries, 6,500 users

Company: ExxonMobil

SquareOne won a prestigious contract to support one of the world's largest oil and gas companies with the roll-out of laptops to its employees and introduction of Microsoft Office 2010 to all users. The project involved SquareOne training 5,000 users in the UK and Ireland and a further 1,500 users in Scandinavia.


The Project

SquareOne was able to deliver this extensive training programme thanks to its established network of experienced trainers based in the UK and Europe.

The contract saw us provide a comprehensive package of services including:

  • Microsoft Office upgrade training;
  • Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion training;
  • Windows Training;
  • Laptop Best Practice Guidelines;
  • Remote Access Workshops;
  • Communicator / Live Meeting Training;
  • Lunch and Learn Sessions to groups of 30+ staff;
  • SharePoint and New Information Management Strategy Training.

In addition, SquareOne's attention to detail included training employees on how to and how not to carry a laptop bag. The company was so impressed with this safety focussed presentation by SquareOne Director Lisa McGinley that it now has been incorporated into the Company's Best Practice Guide.

"Lisa McGinley has excellent training skills backed up by an in depth knowledge of the products that she trains on, including Microsoft Office. She is also an excellent organiser and leads her team of trainers very effectively. I worked with Lisa for over a year during the deployment of Windows 7, Office 2010 and the transition to Outlook for over 5000 users. The feedback from those being trained was extremely positive."