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Case Studies

Parkinson's UK rollout of Microsoft Lync

Company: Parkinson's UK

Recently we have been working closely with Parkinson's UK to deliver a roll out of Microsoft Lync to approx 200 members of staff.

The charity wanted to develop its staff to adapt and work alongside the new strategy for effective communication and new technologies.

Microsoft Lync was therefore introduced to collaborate and share information with its staff all over the UK. This saves the charity money in travel costs, makes them more effective in communication, sharing new learning techniques and ideas, and allows them to focus on other areas in of the business as time of travel is cut considerably.

Before approaching SquareOne, all of the staff were previously familiar with Microsoft Lync and had used it several months before we started to deliver training. All staff members had mixed abilities in using the software and our remit was to assist staff to building skills, experience, bring everyone to the same level, and most importantly to gain confidence in both attending meetings and delivering online.

Training Delivery:

We delivered the training online via Microsoft Lync during a 60 minute session with an optional 30 minute QA at the end. The training was delivered in two sessions.

Session one

Microsoft Lync – Essentials

The first session 'Essentials' was made compulsory by Parkinson's UK, to ensure that every member of staff would be at the same level of confidence.

In this session we demonstrated how to use the basics of Lync using all main core features of the software, setting up groups, joining and scheduling meeting, sharing screens, meeting etiquette and how to handle unexpected technical issues.

Session two

Microsoft Lync – Presenting online

This second session was made optional by Parkinson's UK, as this part of the training was more detailed and introduced more of the advanced features of the software.

This training was targeted more at home-based managers and project managers to assist with improving communication in remote teams and how to make online meetings as engaging as face-to-face meeting.

Delegate Feedback:

"Before joining this session, I did wonder why it was necessary. However, the session made me eat my words. It was extremely useful and I realised just how much more Lync does that I wasn't aware of."

"Very informative and valuable use of time."

"Excellent course, my first experience of training via Lync and was slightly doubtful about how it would work but it was really excellent - looking forward to the next one thank you."

"Excellent course, it should be an essential part of all our training programmes. Really well presented and so informative."

"The trainer had a lovely, calm approach and kept the pace extremely well timed. I have also taken away some facilitating tips!"

"This was much better than I thought it was going to be. Lync has a lot more features than I previously thought and it will be good to try these out in practice. I really liked the way Lisa did the course, keeping the main content to an hour with the last half an hour dedicated to people's questions. This allowed people to end the training after an hour if they'd already got what they needed"