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Case Studies

Sellafield Sites Limited

Company: Sellafield Sites Limited

Nuclear fuels corporation, Sellafield Sites, first contacted SquareOne in 2008. The company had identified a need to provide staff with Microsoft Visio training. SquareOne met this need by delivering training to Sellafield staff both onsite and at our training centre in Birkenhead.

The Training and Development Manager at Sellafield Sites, states "At our first meeting I outlined some of the projects which we would be working on and provided some background information about our training requirements. By the time of our second meeting, SquareOne had outlined a full training package, which I was very impressed by. SquareOne also committed to carry out all of the training within the project timescale. This level of effort is typical of the standard of commitment which has continued to date. During this time the SquareOne team of trainers have demonstrated a good work ethic and fantastic interpersonal skills and I feel that SquareOne put in as many extra hours as necessary in order to meet specific deadlines which have been set. Overall I would strongly recommend SquareOne and feel that they have made an enormous difference to our daily IT working environment"

Other staff members at Sellafield Sites have also commented on the benefits of our training services. The Senior Technical Advisor, states; "The Word Customised training was excellently delivered - the trainer is a really great trainer because she knows her stuff inside out, plus she is fun and bubbly in her teaching style.

The course was held at SquareOne's building in Birkenhead which was comfortable with lovely views and the lunches at the Bistro were fantastic! The content was brilliant - I had met with the trainer beforehand so she had tailored the course to our needs and thrown in some other bits she thought we would need (but did not know about). She solved a lot of the problems we have with our templates and the shortcuts we learnt were brilliant. It's amazing what features and shortcuts you miss out on by teaching yourself to use these packages. I am already using a lot of it, and I know the team are too, as they were talking about it yesterday.

Overall I think this course is probably the most beneficial we have been on (although the Excel and Visio were very useful too), but simply because of the extent to which we use Word, we will be using bits of this course constantly. It is going to make standardisation and appearance of our documents much more professional and it is going to save a lot of time of either doing things the long way, or spending ages trying to find out what's wrong with it. I would highly recommend it to anyone"

"Our customers are our partners and together we work to form exceptional training which makes a difference. We are proud of their growth and know that training is a large contributor to this."