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Case Studies

SharePoint Rollout

Company: Essar

The customers requirement

Essar had an existing QMS in SharePoint 2007 which utilised simple folder structures with a basic web search function. The plan was as to migrate two such systems for the entire site into SharePoint 2013.

Essar were looking to develop a system which enabled correct numbering and flow of documents and would need the necessary metadata created to produce quality documents. Their current document management system was built up of a well-disciplined structure but needed to go further and be a "Quality" system.

Essar wanted to empower ownership of documents and rollout Information Management.

The current user interface (GUI) for accessing documents was not very easy to find or navigate, hard to search on, and would result in wasted time and effort locating information.

Phase One

SquareOne met with the Project Team including IT to discuss the phasing of the rollout. From our understanding of this, we were commissioned to produce a prototype for the Engineering and Project Department Document Management System. This would show examples of what a site could look like and allow them to test usability. This was built from scratch and allowed information to be migrated from a current SharePoint 2007 environment to a SharePoint 2013 environment. Within the scope of this we did a knowledge transfer session with key members of staff on the project team.

The prototype included:

  • Creating an engaging, clear and easy to navigate design of the User interface
  • Setup Document Management facilities in SharePoint 2013
  • Design Keywords, Synonyms, Managed Properties, Metadata
  • Setup Content Types
  • Setup Navigation
  • Create a new Look and Feel
  • Create easy to use and effective Search
  • Create Libraries, Lists and Views
  • Setup the Management of documents using versioning and workflows
  • Setup the Control of documents such as Checkin/Checkout

Phase Two

Our consultant Jeanne Hatton went to the Essar offices to deliver Training/Consultancy on SharePoint Governance and work with the Essar team to scope out the Time Frame Plan for the rest of the business.

SquareOne and Essar worked through a Governance Template which formed the basis of a working document which could be changed throughout the ongoing process.

Examples of the aspects of the working document for Essar, contain the following:


  • Purpose of this Governance Plan
  • Goals
  • Employee Case
  • Business Case
  • Explaining the logical architecture of this document
  • Information architecture and design
  • Site Organisation
  • Branding Guidelines
  • Site Templates & Common Permissions & Functionality
  • Navigation Guidelines
  • Search Configuration Rules
  • Information Architecture & Design Adherence

Content Governance 

  • Establish Content Type Structure/Rules
  • Standardise Metadata
  • Set Up Library & List Standards
  • Establish Information Management Policies (Auditing, Labels, Retention, Print Restrictions)
  • Site Provisioning Standards
  • Establish Roles In Site & Template Creation
  • Content Governance Adherence

Classification Governance

  • Consistent Classification
  • Common Properties & Divergence 
  • Content Type Grouping 
  • Enterprise Content Types
  • Site Collection Content Types
  • Site Content Types
  • Managed Metadata Service 
  • Content Type Establishment Policies within Content Type Hub
  • Enterprise Content Types
  • Site Collection Content Types
  • Site Content Types
  • Content Organiser Usage & Automation
  • Classification Governance Adherence 

Development & Server Governance

  • Development Environments
  • Development Environment
  • Testing Environment
  • Production Environment
  • Coded Development
  • To Be Deployed: Server Farm  
  • To Be Deployed: Sandboxed Solution 
  • Codeless Development
  • To Be Deployed: Server Farm
  • To Be Deployed: Sandboxed Solution
  • Rules, Processes, Roles & Policies Regarding the Ongoing Management of the SharePoint Server Farm  
  • Logical components
  • Services architecture 
  • Storage architecture 
  • Security architecture 
  • Network architecture 
  • Development & Server Governance Adherence 

Security Governance

  • Permissions Inheritance & Divergence 
  • Define Roles for Administration Hierarchy 
  • Security Governance Adherence 

Testing, Training and Support

  • Functional Testing 
  • User Interface Testing 
  • Load/Performance Testing 
  • Disaster Recovery, Failover, and Business Continuity Testing 
  • Ongoing Testing 
  • Training 
  • End-Users Training 
  • Site Administrator Training 
  • Farm Administrator Training 
  • Support
  • Levels of Support
  • Users’ Support Request Process
  • Process for support request approval and resolution 
  • Goals and Success Criteria 
  • Testing, Training & Support Adherence 

Governance Planning Committee 

  • Members & Roles
  • Review Schedule 

SquareOne Consultant - Jeanne worked onsite to write up the working document with key members of staff at Essar. 

Phase Three

Administrator Training to key IT Personnel

Administration at the Site Level

  • Using the Site Administration Menu
  • Using the Site Actions Menu
  • Changing a Site's Look and Feel
  • Using Custom Themes
  • Managing Reporting Services

Administration at the Site Collection Level

  • Site Collection Administration Settings
  • Managing the Solutions Gallery

Managing Search

  • Setting Search Options at the Site Collection Level
  • Search Scopes for Site Collection Administrators
  • Managing Search Keywords for Site Collection Administrators
  • Managing Search Availability at the List and Site Level for Site Administrators

Setting Up Content Management Options

  • Setting Up Content Types
  • Publishing Content Types to Use Across Site Collections
  • Setting Up the Content Organizer
  • Using Document Sets
  • Using Hold and Discovery
  • Setting Up Records Management
  • Setting Up Related Lists

Managing Publishing Sites

  • Setting Up a Publishing Site
  • Setting Navigation Options in Publishing Sites
  • Setting Branding Options in Publishing Sites
  • Using Content Approval in Publishing Sites
  • Using Variations in Publishing Sites

Configuring Users and Permissions

  • SharePoint Security Groups
  • Permission Levels

Configuring Service Applications

  • Configuring Access Services
  • Configuring Excel Services
  • Configuring Visio Services
  • Configuring PowerPoint Services
  • Creating Metadata Services
  • Using Metadata
  • Configuring PerformancePoint Services
  • Creating a PerformancePoint Site
  • Creating a Business Connectivity Service
  • Creating an External List

Site Templates

  • Using the Form Template Library
  • Using the Records Centre Site Template
  • Creating a Meeting Workspace
  • Personalisation Sites

Phase Four

Information Management Training

Training to key members of the Essar Stakeholder group on SharePoint Information. 2 day courses were customised and built around the business needs. The users were all existing users of SharePoint 2007 who wanted to adopt the new version and feel confident with the new build and Information Management. Workflows were a key part of the training to allow the company to automate everyday processes. We trained groups of 10 people per day.

Introduction to Governance

  • The Need for Governance
  • Definition of SharePoint Governance

Governance and Information  Architecture

  • Information Architecture and SharePoint
  • Managed Metadata
  • Planning and Using Metadata in Content Types
  • Search
  • Navigation
  • Generate a Site Map

Governance of Information Management

  • Information Management Overview
  • Document Management
  • Planning Document Management
  • Document Management Features in SharePoint
  • Content Types
  • Information Management Policies
  • Records Management


  • Out of the box workflows
  • Types of workflows
  • Creating workflows with SharePoint Designer
  • Creating and documenting workflows with Visio

Planning for Communication, User Adoption and Training

  • Communicating for Success
  • Stakeholder Communications
  • Training the Organisation

Best Practice and Checklist

  • Best Practices
  • Checklist

Phase Five

Half day user sessions aimed at users who are migrating to the new environment. Training covered the following:

  • Recognise Site Structure and the SharePoint building blocks
  • Files, folders and sites - working with documents libraries
  • Upload documents to libraries
  • Find information and people in a SharePoint Site
  • MetaData
  • Information Management Understanding
  • Retention/disposal