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Case Studies

Shift Log Redevelopment

Company: Prinovis Ltd


One of the main objectives for Prinovis Ltd having Excel training was to understand the power of Excel better and help to redesign one of their existing Shift Log Spreadsheets to help it become easier to use and more dynamic.

During the training course it became apparent that data was designed the opposite way around to what our training consultant would recommend and in fact need a redesign to make it more effective and easier to use.

Prinovis therefore asked for Consultancy to come up with a total remake of the log and to incorporate reports for the management.

  • The original spreadsheet was transposed to allow the data to be viewed quicker and easier
  • Navigation buttons were incorporated
  • Conditional formatting and new formulae to calculate dates
  • Dropdown fields for validation
  • Additional sheets were incorporated to track letters and comments
  • Holidays were captured more easily and calculated
  • Reports were generated to capture trends and alerts
  • Macros were generated for movement of data for each shift at a click of a button

Prinovis were really pleased with the end result of the design, support and training of the Spreadsheet. They can now use this spreadsheet on a daily basis on-going year by year.

Since the design of the Flexed In Shift Plan. SquareOne have also developed a Flexed Out Plan for the customer.