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Adobe Premiere Pro: Intermediate

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Who Should Attend?

This course is aimed at those that would like to enhance their videos so that they look more dynamic. In this packed course, you will learn to use the more complex features in Premiere such as, editing tools, video effects, putting clips in motion, increasing and decreasing the speed of your clips, acquire and edit audio, cleaning and mixing audio.


You have already been using Adobe Premiere to create your videos or have attended our 1 day Introduction Adobe Premiere Course.

Course Objectives

In this course, you will:

  • Apply special effects to media clips Add video effects
  • Putt clips in motion Change clip time
  • Acquiring and editing audio Sweeten sound and mix audio
  • Analyse content

Course Contents

The subjects listed on the left are an outline. If there are any additional subjects you wish to cover, please feel free to call us prior to the course. All of our courses can be tailored to meet your business needs.

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Course Duration:

1 Day

Timings: 09:30 - 16:30

Applying Specialized Editing Tools

  • Exploring time-saving editing tools Making rolling, slide, and slip edits
  • Using the Program Monitor’s Lift and Extract buttons
  • Replacing a clip and replacing footage
  • Using the Replace Clip feature
  • Using the Replace Footage feature
  • Using Sync Lock and Track Lock Finding gaps in the time-line
  • Editing with In and Out points around a clip
  • Creating sub-clips from the Source Monitor
  • Multicamera editing
  • Creating the initial multicamera sequence
  • Switching multiple cameras
  • Finalizing multicamera editing
  • Changing an edit in the Time-line
  • Multi-cam tips

Adding Video Effects

  • Sampling some basic video effects
  • Applying effects to multiple clips
  • Adding keyframing effects
  • Extra credit: combining effects
  • Adding keyframe interpolation and velocity
  • One additional velocity/interpolation issue
  • Adding lighting effects
  • Creating custom pre-sets

Putting Clips In Motion

  • Applying the Motion effect to clips Examining Motion settings
  • Changing clip size and adding rotation and changing the anchor point Working with keyframe interpolation
  • Creating a picture-in-picture effect
  • Enhancing motion with shadows and bevelled edges, adding a drop shadow Using other motion-related effects:
  • Transform, Basic 3D and Camera View

Changing Time

  • Using slow-motion and reverse-motion techniques
  • Speeding up a clip
  • Changing speed with the Rate Stretch tool
  • Enabling variable time changes with time remapping
  • Applying time remapping with speed transitions
  • Using time remapping with reverse motion
  • Recognizing the downstream effects of changing time
  • Changing the speed and length of multiple clips simultaneously

Acquiring And Editing Audio

  • Making the connection
  • Setting up a basic voice-recording area
  • Voicing professional narrations
  • Creating a high-quality aural experience
  • Examining audio characteristics
  • Adjusting audio in the Effect Controls panel
  • Adjusting audio gain
  • Adding J-cuts and L-cuts

Sweetening Your Sound And Mixing Audio

  • Sweetening sound with audio effects
  • Trying stereo and 5.1 surround sound effects
  • Looking at one more VST plug-in
  • Editing keyframes by using the clip effect menu
  • Working with the Audio Mixer / Automating changes in audio tracks
  • Outputting tracks to submixes
  • Creating a 5.1 surround sound mix
  • Fixing, sweetening, cleaning up noisy audio

Analysing Content

  • Transcribing speech to text
  • Enhancing the accuracy of speech analysis
  • Searching transcription for keywords
  • Setting In and Out points using speech analysis text
  • Modifying the metadata & detecting faces


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