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Adobe Premiere Pro: Introduction

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Who Should Attend?

This course is aimed at those looking to learn how to edit video more quickly, integrate video with other Adobe products, and work in a digital format that can be re-purposed for multiple uses.


You may have experience using graphic design and illustration programs, such as page layout, photo editing, or illustration programs, but probably do not have experience using other video editing applications.

Course Objectives

In this course, you will:

  • Create a video project.
  • Select settings, adjusting preferences, and managing assets Import and managing tapeless media
  • Shoot and capture great video assets Create cuts-only videos
  • Add video transitions
  • Create dynamic titles

Course Contents

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Course Dates

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Course Duration

2 Days

Timings: 09:30 - 16:30

Selecting Settings, Adjusting Preferences, And Managing Assets

  • Selecting project settings by sequence
  • Three types of settings
  • Specifying project settings Sequence settings
  • Adjusting user preferences Importing assets
  • Taking a closer look at images Image tips
  • Managing media in bins
  • Exploring additional bin features
  • Having multiple bins open at once
  • Finding assets
  • Finding assets with the Media Browser

Importing And Managing Tapeless Media

  • Using a tapeless workflow
  • Panasonic P2 Sony XDCAM AVCHD
  • Digital still cameras that shoot high-definition video
  • Using the Media Browser
  • Importing XDCAM media
  • Importing P2 media
  • P2 folder structure
  • Importing AVCHD media
  • Mixing media formats

Shooting And Capturing Great Video Assets

  • Tips for shooting great video
  • Get a closing shot, get an establishing shot, shoot plenty of video
  • Adhere to the rule of thirds, Keep your shots steady
  • Follow the action , Use trucking shots
  • Find unusual angles, Get wide and tight shots
  • Shoot matched action, Get sequences
  • Avoid fast pans and snap zooms
  • Shoot cutaways, Use lights, Grab good sound bites
  • Get plenty of natural sound
  • Plan your shoot Capturing video
  • Three DV/HDV-capturing scenarios
  • Capturing an entire tape
  • Using batch capture and scene detection
  • Use a clip-naming convention
  • Use scene detection
  • Tackling manual analog movie capture
  • Capturing HDV and HD video

Creating Cuts-Only Videos

  • Using a storyboard to build a rough cut
  • Arranging your storyboard
  • Automating your storyboard to a sequence
  • Editing clips on the Time-line
  • Trimming a clip / Using the Ripple Edit tool Moving clips to, from, and within the Time-line
  • Using the current-time indicator to establish the edit point
  • Adding clips to the Time-line with the Source Monitor
  • Working with Source Monitor editing tools
  • Adjusting clips in the Trim panel
  • Using other editing tools

Adding Video Transitions

  • Using transitions with restraint
  • Adding whimsy / Adding visual interest Trying some transitions
  • Sequence display changes
  • Changing parameters in the Effect Controls panel
  • Using A/B mode to fine-tune a transition
  • Working with the Effect Controls panel’s A/B feature Dealing with inadequate (or no) head or tail handles
  • Applying transitions to multiple clips at once
  • Adding audio transitions

Creating Dynamic Titles

  • Strengthening your project with titles
  • Changing text parameters
  • Building text from scratch Putting text on a path
  • Creating shapes
  • Aligning shapes.
  • Making text roll and crawl
  • Adding text effects: sheens, strokes, shadows, and fills
  • Experiment with effects



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