Category: Programming, ASP

An ASP Guestbook and Simple Chat Application

  • The World of Active Server Pages and General Development Issues
  • An ASP Guestbook
  • An ASP Chat room

Site Personalization with CSS and ASP

  • Multiple Style Sheets with ASP
  • Dynamic Personalized CSS

An ASP Web Poll

  • Developing a Web Poll
  • ASP Efficiency and Performance Issues

An ASP Quiz Application

  • Building a Quiz Application
  • Grading the Quiz

An ASP Discussion Board

  • Designing a Discussion Board Application
  • Creating the Basic Discussion Forum
  • Displaying a Thread Structure in Outline Format

An ASP Event Calendar

  • Creating a Calendar
  • Adding a Database of Events

Shopping Cart Design and Database Considerations

  • Planning a Shopping Cart
  • Database Design Issues
  • Considerations for the Unique CartID

Product Display and Searching

  • Working with Product Categories
  • Product Display and Keyword Searching

The Shopping Cart Script

  • Building the Shopping Cart
  • Updating Quantity and Deleting Items
  • Customer Information, Shipping & Handling, and Taxes

Taking Product Orders

  • Finalizing an Order
  • Customer Relations and Further Directions

An Ad Rotation and Tracking System and a Simple Affiliates Program

  • Creating a Database-Driven Ad Rotator System
  • Creating Ad Reports
  • Adding a Web Affiliate Program to your Shopping Cart

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SquareOne is among the UK's leading providers of IT training to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our company pledge is to deliver inspiring, motivational and cost effective training which brings about tangible improvements in productivity. Through our training courses, individuals are able to gain lifelong skills and realize their full potential while clients achieve their corporate goals.

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This training is delivered as a closed course at your company's premises. We can bring our mobile IT classroom to any UK or European location, so no matter where you are based, SquareOne can come to you.

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SquareOne have delivered training solutions throughout the UK in locations such as London, Liverpool, Wirral, Merseyside, Blackpool, Manchester, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Edinburgh and Belfast. We have also trained at international locations such as France, Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia and USA.

Training has been delivered to a diverse range of industries including oil and gas, agriculture, automobile manufacture, food production, the arts and finance.

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