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AutoCAD: 3D Skills

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Who should attend?

Experienced users of AutoCAD who wish to use AutoCAD for 3D design work.

Course Objectives

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Control 3D display
  • Define 3D coordinate systems
  • Create and edit 3D surfaces
  • Build and modify 3D solid models
  • Check your model’s integrity

Training Locations

Our lead training centre is located in Birkenhead, Merseyside, where we have state of the art training facilities. We also have a number of training venues throughout the North West, covering Chester, Manchester, Liverpool, North Wales, Lancashire and Staffordshire.

Alternatively, we can come to your business bringing with us our mobile IT classroom. We can deliver this kind of training anywhere in the UK and Europe.

Course Detail

Duration: 3 Days

Timings: 09:30 - 16:30

Basic 3D Concepts

  • Types of 3D models
  • Basic viewing in 3D, rotating the view
  • Change the display of your model by changing the visual style (i.e., wireframe, realistic, conceptual)
  • Setting the viewport display

Creating Solid Primitives

  • Extrude, revolve, sweep and loft a 2D shape to create a 3D model
  • How to decide on the best method for creating your model
  • Quickly create multi-sided models by pressing or pulling a bounded area, 2D curves and 3D curves

Creating Composite Solids

  • Create accurate and detailed solid models by joining, subtracting and intersecting basic shapes

Working in 3D Space

  • How to change the co-ordinate system
  • Control the UCS icon display
  • Use dynamic feedback
  • Work with 3D object snaps

Adding Detail

  • Round and bevel the edges of your model
  • Slice material away from your model
  • Split a model into two separate models

Converting Objects

  • Convert 2D geometry to 3D surfaces and solids
  • Thicken a surface to create a model

3D Editing Skills

  • Use your model’s history to make editing easier
  • Quickly modify 3D solids in diverse ways using 3D grips
  • Understand the options and workflow for extruding a model face
  • 2D commands that are very different in 3D: move, offset, delete, rotate, align, mirror, array
  • How to shell a solid model

Working with Point Clouds

  • Bring scanned 3D images into your model with AutoCAD’s point cloud tools, adjust point cloud density and colour intensity
  • Use Autodesk Recap – the new tool for cleaning, organising and visualising your laser scan datasets and digital photographs

Getting 2D Information from your Model

  • Create and manipulate section planes to view the information you want in 2D or 3D
  • Generate 2D cross sections based on the planes you define

Checking Your Model

  • Use Shape Manager to validate your model
  • View the mass property data of your model
  • Save time doing calculations by using your model information


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