AutoCAD Civil 3D

Category: Computer Aided Design (CAD), AutoCAD

Working with Point Data

  • Use point data to create a site plan that is physically and legally accurate 
  • Organise your point data to make it easier to work through design changes

Surface Modelling

  1. Create a continuous surface that you can use to display contours and elevations accurately
  2. Increase the accuracy of elevation calculations
  3. Surface analysis –  watersheds, slopes, and elevations
  4. Cut and Fill – review site volume calculations based on the terrain model
  5. Create a 3D representation of your data

Site Development

  • Create a parcel to represent any feature with closed boundaries
  • Use styles to control the display of parcels
  • Add and modify parcel labels
  • Create an industry-standard parcel report

Overview of Pipe Networks

  • Design and present the flow of a utility system
  • Create an alignment from network parts and draw parts in profile
  • Create a dynamic pipe table 

Storm and Sanitary Analysis

  • Determine where water and wastewater will go on your site model
  • Evaluate the performance of a detention pond in a storm event


  • Transform a 2D schematic into a 3D site model by adding a directional surface to elevations
  • Save time by creating grading standards

Road Design

  • Create and edit alignments
  • Use profiles to view elevation data along a horizontal profile
  • Represent a proposed surface along an alignment
  • View cross sections of elevations along surfaces

Corridor Design

  • Create, view and manipulate a 3D model of a path for traffic
  • Incorporate road features into your design, such as lanes, sideslopes, ditches and curbs
  • Create a corridor surface to calculate how much soil needs to be moved, how much concrete and asphalt is needed

Advanced Topics

  • Please refer to our AutoCAD Civil 3D Advanced Workshops data sheet for additional topics such as roundabout design, junction design, quantity take-offs, survey tools, standards, project management, visualisations and animations, integration with Revit, integration with Micro Drainage, bridge modelling, rail track layout and more.


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