AutoCAD Map 3D

Category: Computer Aided Design (CAD), AutoCAD

Creating Map Geometry & Objects

  • Tracking coordinates
  • Working with the Coordinate Geometry (COGO) feature
  • Drawing cleanup tools
  • Using feature classification
  • Including raster images with your map

Linking and Managing Data

  • Understanding the underlying data that controls your map objects
  • Controlling the display of your map data for analysis and reporting
  • Link and manage attribute data
  • Working with annotation
  • Working with external databases
  • Importing data into AutoCAD Map 3D

Working with Source Data

  • Access attached drawings at the source level
  • Edit, analyse, report, and create new drawings from existing data
  • Combine large numbers of source drawings into a single mapping system

Using the Display Manager

  • Create, edit and manage display styles
  • Change display order
  • Control view scales

Working with Civil Objects

  • Understand and use civil functions in AutoCAD Map 3D
  • Performing high resolution land planning and analysis
  • Working with civil points and surfaces

Plotting Maps

  • Plot of a collection of maps of a large area as a series of contiguous sheets
  • Automating the plotting process

Topology and Spatial Analysis

  • Setting up a geographic relationship between drawing objects
  • Carry out advanced analysis of your mapping data
  • Conducting network tracing – shortest path routes, best route analysis, flood traces


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