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MicroStation 3D

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Who should attend?

MicroStation users producing 2D drawings with a command of MicroStation basic skills.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Manage and control 3D views, apply curve tools to design problems, use solid and surface modelling tools and techniques, render 3D models, create dynamic views and export 3D data.

Training Locations

Our lead training centre is located in Birkenhead, Merseyside, where we have state of the art training facilities. We also have a number of training venues throughout the North West, covering Chester, Manchester, Liverpool, North Wales, Lancashire and Staffordshire.

Alternatively, we can come to your business bringing with us our mobile IT classroom. We can deliver this kind of training anywhere in the UK and Europe.

Course Details

Duration: 3 Days

Timings: 09:30 - 16:30

AccuDraw in 3D

  • View compass, design cube and ACS orientations
  • 3D Point Input

3D Tools

  • Working with spheres, cylinders, cones, tori, wedges, pyramids, elliptical cones, ellipsoids and polyhedrons
  • Apply standard editing tools to 3D elements

3D Modelling Techniques

  • Using 3D extrusion, revolution, extrusion along a line, and thicken techniques, creating a linear 3D solid

Editing 3D Models

  • Transferring your 2D skills to the 3D environment – familiar commands that work differently in 3D space
  • Learn how to taper, shell, intersect, subtract, trim, cut, fillet, and chamfer 3D objects
  • Modify, delete and edit 3D solid objects

3D Modelling Utilities

  • Convert 2D geometry to 3D solid models
  • Align in 3D, change Smart Solid display
  • Extract face or edge geometry, remove entities by size

3D Surface Modelling

  • B-spline curve generation methods, 3D surface display

Free Form 3D Surfaces

  • Surface modelling by lofting and sweeping
  • Helical, B-spline and planar surfaces 3D surfaces using edges, corner points or curve network

2D / 3D, Cells and Patterning

  • Import/export 2D and 3D designs, cells in 3D, patterning in 3D
  • Google’s 3D Warehouse tools

Drawing Composition

  • Sheet views and dynamic views
  • Apply annotations, use the copy/fold reference tool

Perspective Views and Basic Camera Setup

Lighting and Camera Setup

  • Introduction to Luxology
  • Lighting types, placing lights, area lights
  • Saving rendered views, advanced camera settings

Material Assignments

  • New base drawing for material application
  • Material options and settings, material definitions
  • Colour / level material assignments
  • Assign procedural textures

Advanced Rendering Setup

  • Import a 3D Design, create 3D cells
  • Assign interior and exterior materials and finishes
  • Create multi-layer materials

Photorealistic Rendering

  • Photo-realistic rendering methods
  • Luxology interiors rendering, special material effects
  • Luxology settings for exterior scenes
  • Environment settings for scenes, sun image and fog effects
  • Solar Studies and Fly Throughs


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