Navisworks Freedom Essentials

Category: Navisworks

The User Interface

  • Basic navigation tools
  • Scene views (using viewpoints)
  • Orientation in a 3d workspace
  • Splitting views
  • Steering wheel
  • The camera in Navisworks freedom
  • Heads up display (hud)
  • Reference views
  • Hold and focus
  • Opening files, project browser
  • Printing files

Grid and Level Overview

  • Control the realism of your navigation: gravity, crouching, & collision
  • Third person view
  • Navigation options
  • Background effect
  • Display of primitives
  • Render quality
  • Viewpoints, section planes
  • Section box
  • Lighting Review your model

Selecting Objects

  • Finding objects
  • Selecting similar objects
  • Object properties
  • Reset object attributes
  • Measure tools
  • Locking & zooming while measuring
  • Quick properties
  • Comments and annotations
  • Links
  • Transform Using the Timeliner to view construction simulations

Target Audience 

New users who need to become familiar with all aspects of Navisworks Freedom.

No prerequisites required

Course Objectives 

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the Navisworks Freedom user interface and navigation tools
  • Control the realism of your Navigation
  • Use the best techniques for exploring a model, isolating objects, viewing object properties
  • Add comments and annotations to your model Play back animated construction simulations using Timeliner


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