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Personal Effectiveness

About SquareOne

SquareOne is among the UK's leading providers of IT training to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our company pledge is to deliver inspiring, motivational and cost effective training which brings about tangible improvements in productivity. Through our training courses, individuals are able to gain lifelong skills and realize their full potential while clients achieve their corporate goals.

Course Objectives

There's no such thing as “I don't have enough time". Do you often wonder where all the minutes in the day have gone and marvel at how much more you could have done? Do you find yourself really busy throughout the day but find yourself left with all the important tasks still to do? Would you like to be able to manage yourself and your time more effectively? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by how much you want to achieve in life? Learn how we human beings operate by nature and what we can do to be more in control of our work, time, energy and life. See how you can gain more time and watch your success take shape before your eyes.

Course Details

Duration: 1 Day

Course Times: 9:30 -16:30

The following topics will be covered during the Personal Effectiveness workshop:

  • How to set objectives
  • Know yourself and how you operate
  • Pareto's Principle – Know the real value in what you do
  • The Priority Matrix
  • Your Brain – understand why we think the way we do and how to manage your own style
  • Identify your strengths and convert your weaknesses
  • Taking time out to reflect
  • Create SMART goals/objectives and set realistic, achievable tasks for your diary
  • Chunking – learn how to speak down your workload so you can achieve it in full
  • Learn how to say no properly
  • Success comes from planning, but not without action – see how you can become more successful, in less time. Organise your life and rule it
  • Plan of Action


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