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Revit Architecture: Essentials

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Course Objectives

This course has been designed for professionals who wish to learn how to produce architectural models and project using AutoDesk Revit Software.

After completing this course you will be able to:

Understand Revit’s interface and terminology, set up and begin a project, create a model using architectural components, create and modify roofs, stairs and railings, dynamic drawing schedules, detail your model using call out and drafting views and understand project collaboration.

Pre-requisites: Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows and architectural design and drafting concepts.

Training Locations

This training is delivered as a closed course at your company's premises. We can bring our mobile IT classroom to any UK or European location, so no matter where you are based, SquareOne can come to you.

Course Details

Duration: 2 Days

Timings: 09:30 - 16:30

Introduction to BIM and Autodesk Revit

  • Understand how BIM has changed how a building is planned, designed, and constructed
  • Introduction to the Revit user interface
  • Views, cameras, line weights
  • Best techniques for selecting / manipulating / hiding objects
  • Best methods for creating and organising new views
  • Learn the right way to create a new project – what to do first, second, etc. – and avoid mistakes later on

Editing in Revit

  • Use copy, align, move, mirror, trim, offset and fillet tools
  • Setting Up Grids and Levels
  • Revit Modelling Techniques
  • Discussion of Revit modelling techniques – pros and cons
  • Create your own wall type to see how Revit works
  • Create basic foundations to improve level of detail for sections and details
  • Create a section and modify how it looks
  • Use the technique of aligning model elements to different floors to avoid repetitive tasks and ensure accuracy

Developing Your Model

  • Create internal walls, dealing with internal wall issues
  • Sketch and modify floor boundaries
  • Create vertical openings in intermediate floors
  • Insert doors and windows in walls
  • Create additional door and window sizes of a certain type

Working with Roofs

  • Learn different methods for creating roofs, from simple pitched to bespoke commercial

Vertical Circulation

  • Two types of tools for creating staircases
  • Create a staircase that meets building regulations in just 4 clicks
  • Use a 3D box section to check your staircase & identify problems

Modelling Ceilings

  • Add ceilings and bulkheads by selecting a room boundary or by sketch
  • Add ceiling components, including lighting and fixtures
  • Adding Components
  • Add simple furniture, understand families and hosted families

Tags & Schedules Overview

  • Why schedules in Revit are 100% accurate

Creating Details

  • Set up detail views and add detail components
  • Create filled regions
  • Create a detail based on a section callout
  • Creating Construction Documents
  • Add sheets with title blocks and project views

Annotating Construction Documents

  • Options for adding and modifying dimensions
  • Add text notes to views and sheets
  • Add detail lines and symbols to clarify design intent
  • Create legends


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