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Revit: Collaboration & BIM Level 2

About SquareOne

SquareOne is among the UK's leading providers of IT training to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our company pledge is to deliver inspiring, motivational and cost effective training which brings about tangible improvements in productivity. Through our training courses, individuals are able to gain lifelong skills and realise their full potential while clients achieve their corporate goals.

Who should attend?

Revit users (all disciplines) who need to understand how to collaborate both internally and externally on a project.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

Link a Revit model into another Revit model, coordinate information between linked models, work with files created in other CAD programs, subdivide a Revit project into logical components, synchronise a local and central file, and use specific methods to improve the way you collaborate on a project.

Training Locations

Our lead training centre is located in Birkenhead, Merseyside, where we have state of the art training facilities. We also have a number of training venues throughout the North West, covering Chester, Manchester, Liverpool, North Wales, Lancashire and Staffordshire.

Alternatively, we can come to your business bringing with us our mobile IT classroom. We can deliver this kind of training anywhere in the UK and Europe.

Where We Have Trained

SquareOne have delivered training solutions throughout the UK in locations such as London, Liverpool, Wirral, Blackpool, Manchester, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Edinburgh and Belfast. We have also trained at international locations such as France, Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia and USA.

Training has been delivered to a diverse range of industries including oil and gas, agriculture, automobile manufacture, food production, the arts and finance.

Course Details

Duration: 1 Day

Timings: 09:30 - 16:30

Working with CAD Files

  • Understand the options for linking and importing CAD drawings
  • Control which information you bring into Revit, including views, colours, layers, units, and positioning
  • Understand xref import options, import and edit raster files
  • Understand the Autodesk Exchange (ADSK) file format
  • Import lineweights
  • Manipulate drawing data after it has been imported to your Revit model
  • Understand best practices for exporting Revit files and various file format options

Collaboration and Coordination

BIM is all about collaboration – either internally, within your own design team or externally with project stakeholders. Learn how to use Revit’s tools to manage multiple users on your project and how to work with information provided by those outside of your organisation. During this course we will also look at how to set up and manage the project’s position in the world ensuring accurate reporting of coordinates.

Internal Collaboration

  • An overview of the worksharing concept within Revit, worksets and element ownership – the key to managing multiple users on a project
  • Setting up worksets to subdivide a project for different users
  • Creating and working in local files and synchronising changes with a central file
  • Managing element ownership and borrowing requests

Linking Models and External Collaboration

  • Establishing and managing links between Revit models
  • Hide information from a linked model from other disciplines that you do not want to see
  • Copy individual items from a linked file
  • Setting up relationships between two models using the Copy / Monitor function Perform a coordination review to asses changes made to monitored items


  • An overview of Revit’s coordinate systems – project & survey coordinates
  • Setting up the survey coordinate system to match existing conditions
  • Sharing the coordinate system between Revit models

Autodesk 360® Collaboration for Revit®

  • Learn about the new cloud subscription service that connects building project teams with centralised access to BIM project data in the cloud. Learn how to take advantage of this technology to improve the way you work with your team members
  • Use a centralised cloud-based workspace
  • Use direct, real-time chat within a model
  • Understand how team members and project contributors can share, access and search design data . . . all without a Revit licence


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