Revit Collaboration

Category: Computer Aided Design (CAD), Revit

Introduction to Collaboration

  • Understand the importance of Collaboration to achieve BIM Level 2.
  • Gain first-hand experience in different forms of collaboration to apply best practice that fits in with your organisation.
  • The process of importing, utilising and incorporating work from a third party / previous drawings into your current live Revit model.
  • Open / Closed BIM methodologies
  • How to subdivide the work across the discipline team.
  • Recognise the difference in publicly available specifications which distinguish between the formal standardised procedures that are integral to the way that we collaborate in the construction industry.

Internal Collaboration

  • An overview of the worksharing concept within Revit, worksets and element ownership – the key to managing multiple users on a project
  • Setting up worksets to subdivide a project for different users
  • Creating and working in local files and synchronising changes with a central file
  • Managing element ownership and borrowing requests

Linking Models and External Collaboration

  • Establishing and managing links between Revit models
  • Hide information from a linked model from other disciplines that you do not want to see
  • Copy individual items from a linked file
  • Setting up relationships between two models using the Copy / Monitor function Perform a coordination review to asses changes made to monitored items

Working with CAD Files

  • Understand the options for linking and importing CAD drawings
  • Control which information you bring into Revit, including views, colours, layers, units, and positioning
  • Understand xref import options, import and edit raster files
  • Understand the Autodesk Exchange (ADSK) file format
  • Import lineweights
  • Manipulate drawing data after it has been imported to your Revit model
  • Understand best practices for exporting Revit files and various file format options


  • An overview of Revit’s coordinate systems – project & survey coordinates
  • Setting up the survey coordinate system to match existing conditions
  • Sharing the coordinate system between Revit models

Autodesk 360® Collaboration for Revit®

  • Learn about the new cloud subscription service that connects building project teams with centralised access to BIM project data in the cloud.  Learn how to take advantage of this technology to improve the way you work with your team members
  • Use a centralised cloud-based workspace
  • Use direct, real-time chat within a model
  • Understand how team members and project contributors can share, access and search design data . . . all without a Revit licence

Mandates and Statutory Documents

  • Review of UK PAS documents for the construction industry


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