Revit Content Creation

Category: Computer Aided Design (CAD), Revit

The Family Editor Environment

  • User Interface – how it differs from the main environment
  • Family Templates – what’s available and best use

The Building Blocks

  • Working Planes – understand the different options
  • Dimensions – how powerful they can be
  • Work with labels and parameters
  • Understand family types and family parameters

Basic Concepts

  • Create geometry using the numerous tools
  • Parameters and flexing
  • Understand how content affects your CAD standards

Going Beyond the Basics

  • Correctly utilise families in your model
  • Make families that don’t bloat your project
  • Use equations and rules to control your families
  • Utilise DWG/DGN information to build families Correctly apply materials

System Families and Standards

  • Work with ‘System’ families
  • System family best practice
  • Families in detailing, tags and symbols

The ‘I’ in Building Information Modelling

  • Create data rich families
  • Understand the requirements of all disciplines – Structural, Architectural, MEP
  • Analytical lines
  • Understand what information MEP services require

Conceptual Massing

  • Understand and utilise conceptual mass
  • Import geometry from external sources

Discipline Specific Workshop

  • Apply what you have learned in the course – create content you would use in your workplace! 
  • Learn how to “break” a Revit family and then reuse its component parts in a new family


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