Revit Detailing

Category: Computer Aided Design (CAD), Revit

Two Workflows

  • Detail views and drafting views – the reasons for using each

Detail Views

  • Create 2D drafting views in which you can draw details
  • Link callout views to drafting views so they can be referenced properly
  • Save drafting views so you can use them in other projects
  • Use AutoCAD details in Revit

Adding Detail Components

  • Add detail components to a drafting view to create a 2D building detail
  • Use and create repeating details – add multiple details with accurate placements

Creating Detail Lines

  • The purpose of detail lines
  • Draw details using lines

Controlling Your Display

  • Decide what detail elements appears in front
  • Show hidden lines in a detail view (i.e., steelwork in a wall)

Modifying the Cut Profile of Model Elements

  • Make one-off changes to the shape of geometry

Overriding Line Elements in a View

  • Adapt linework without creating new line types
  • What to do when details require one-off adjustments

Creating Filled Regions

  • Use 2D graphics to represent material Add filled regions to detail views, drafting views or annotation families

Creating Masked Regions

Creating Batt Insulation

Placing Annotations in Detail Views

  • How this differs from placing annotations in model views

Leveraging Detail Groups

  • The importance of view-specific elements
  • Reusing detail groups in other views

Saving Views

  • Use details from one project to another
  • Save details and drafting views to a separate Revit file
  • Insert saved views from another project
  • Develop your detail library

Adding Symbols to Text

  • Use number keystrokes to insert common symbols to text

Creating Keynotes

  • Use keynote data files for accurate and consistent drawing annotation

Creating a Keynote Legend

  • Produce a schedule of keynote numbers with their description
  • Place keynotes on sheets for specifications

Working with Symbols and Note Blocks

  • Place symbols with reference to notes
  • Control note block appearance and sheet placement

Revision Clouds

  • Set up revision clouds by sheet or by project Automatically populate revision schedules


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