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Revit: Standards & Management

How Standards Work Within Revit

  • Revit Templates – the seed of your project
  • Transfer project standards to your template

Template Files

  • The three ways to create a project template – the pros and cons of each
  • Change file locations and add libraries

Line Weights and Object Styles

  • Use categories and subcategories, rather than layers, to control drawing appearance
  • Understand line weight projection and cut
  • Work with object styles and pen numbers

Line Styles

  • Use a template to standardise line styles
  • Understand line patterns, detail styles, object styles and system families
  • Associate a line pattern with a line style or grid

Text and Dimensions

  • Create a Revit text style to match your existing standards
  • Understand how Revit splits dimensions into different system families
  • Create a custom arrowhead

AEC (UK) BIM Protocols

  • Guidance given for running company standards alongside AEC BIM Protocols . . . and how this compliance can help you win business

Title Blocks, Parameters and Labels

  • The best way to create a title block in Revit
  • How to use a title block from an existing project
  • Use visibility graphics overrides
  • Develop and extract information from your Revit project using parameters
  • Behavioural differences between Revit parameters and AutoCAD attributes
  • The power of shared parameters

Tags, Grid Bubbles and Section / Level Heads

  • Use tags to display the text value of desired element parameters
  • Bet methods for creating new tags
  • Understand the difference between system families and symbols
  • Manage elevation tags
  • Creating a grid type


  • Use view templates to control multiple view categories
  • Set up Revit so it will automatically draw plans, such as your fire strategy plan or furniture plan, as you create your project

Customise Your Project Browser

  • Organise your views and sheets
  • Customise the titles within the Revit project browser Discuss strategies on how best to customise the browser to suit your company’s needs


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