Course: Excel Level 2 - Bromborough

"Thank you, a very good training session."

Course: Excel Level 2 - Essex

"Enjoyed the course, learnt easier ways of doing things."

Course: Excel Level 2 - Winsford

"Really useful day, thank you. Inspired me to find out more about what I don't know."

Course: Excel Level 2 - Winsford

"Lisa made the course content enjoyable and easy to understand. She was helpful and clear and happy to answer individual questions.
Thank you for making Excel less scary."

Course: Excel Level 2 - Winsford

"Very good course, excellent trainer and will continue to use SquareOne for future needs."

Course: Excel Level 2 - Winsford

"The whole module was beneficial. A better understanding of Excel.
There was parts of the course which I have not done before but got a better understanding and will put to use in my job role."

Course: Excel Level 2 - Winsford

"Everything was explained clearly and patiently, the course will 100% add value to my day to day tasks at work."

Course: Excel Level 2 - Winsford

"The course was very good and I have come away with a lot of useful info, that can help me progress in my everyday duties."

Course: AutoCAD Level 2 - Birkenhead

"Very thorough course, very interesting. Tutor was very clear and all objectives were met."

Course: Excel Level 1 - Manchester

"Very enjoyable and interactive workshop."

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