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Government Guidance Now Encourages Furloughed Staff Training

22nd Apr 2020 SquareOne Training

One of the questions we have been asked a lot recently is whether staff who have been furloughed can attend online training courses or other work based training. 

Whilst initially unclear, we are delighted to inform customers that Government Guidance is now recommending that staff who have been furloughed, access training where possible.

This change and clarity is a fantastic one as it means that staff can attend a whole host of training sessions that will not only help keep their minds stimulated but also provide them with skills to transform the way they work once they return. 

With our experience knowing how much of an impact a little bit of staff training can make to productivity and efficiency within a business, we welcome this clarity and strongly recommend businesses to take advantage, by up-skilling their staff now, to help bridge the current downturn.

To find out more about online courses that we can offer for staff, take a look at our online course schedule, where we have a whole host of fantastic life changing courses:

Alternatively, to read the latest Government Guidance on furloughed staff, you can find this here: