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SquareOne celebrate 29th Birthday

28th Sept 2021 SquareOne Training

Its officially our Birthday

Today we are delighted to celebrate our 29th year in business, to put that in perspective....

- Microsoft Excel was only 5 years old!

- Many of our members of staff and customers weren't even born then

- Rhythm is a dancer was UK number 1

- PDFs didn't exist - but we did have floppy disks :)

- Denmark had just won the Euros

- Leeds had just won the last ever "First Division"

Our first customer was Compaq Computers and the first course was Harvard Graphics.

Today we welcomed ETC to our training centre. Thank you for sharing it with us....

So on that note, we would like to say a special thank you to all the people and now (faces) we have met along the way because without you we wouldn't be here today!

With exciting things to come this year, here's to making our 30th year bigger and better....

We would like to thank all our staff, customers and staff for giving us the opportunity