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SquareOne Welcome New Member of Staff

30th Sept 2021 SquareOne Training

Welcome to the team Eleanor

SquareOne are pleased to announce a new member to our team. Eleanor joined us at the start of September and is already a great addition to the group.

With a keen thirst for knowledge and eager to learn, Eleanor has spent this month picking up a range of new skills in her role as Business Administrator. As part of this she has also managed to attend various Excel courses to help with her growth.

We thought what better way to get to know Eleanor than with a fun little questionnaire.

  • Name: Eleanor
  • Job Title: Business Administrator
  • Favourite Software: PowerPoint
  • Favourite Hobby: Dancing
  • Any Secret Talents: Double Jointed
  • Dogs or Cats: Dogs
  • Favourite Place: Paris
  • Favourite Food: Salt & Pepper Chips
  • Favourite Football Team: Liverpool
  • Favourite Football Player: Jack Grealish
  • If you were stranded on an island and could bring one item, what would you bring? My Dog
  • Fears: Cartoons

After an exciting first month Eleanor is enthusiastic to kick on and learn even more about SquareOne and her new role within the team.

Eleanor will be the first point of contact for all our delegates here at our Merseyside training site, so if you see her be sure to say hello.