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In-House Training

Here at SquareOne Training we specialise in training solutions to match every individual and every businesses needs. That's why, we are proudly one of the leading providers of training in the UK and Europe, having been in the industry for over 25 years.

It is thanks to this experience that we know looking for training can be a daunting task for businesses, so we help by shaping the training around you, eliminating the burden and guaranteeing you high quality, cost effective training solutions all aimed at helping you and your team unlock their hidden potential.

With all our in-house training options the majority of our courses can be fully customised and tailored to match your exact needs, with all our industry expert trainers able to deliver training at a pace and format to suit the group, delivered at your office/premises, anywhere in the UK or Europe.

We're proud of this flexibility, which is why we showcase a fantastic range of services that you can take advantage of for in-house training:

- Classroom Training

This is our standard format of in-house training with all delegates recommended to have access to a laptop or computer on the session. This option is perfect for group sizes of up to 10 delegates.

- 1-2-1 Training

Similar to our classroom training this allows for a closely customised session, tailored around an individuals exact needs. For this our trainer will come to your office/premises and work closely to deliver the perfect course.

- Lunch & Learn

Delegates on this session will benefit from a short workshop style training delivered over an hour and a half with lunch for each delegate.

- Seminars

This format is a presentation style session with larger groups sitting and taking notes. Usually more content can be covered in the session than hands on training, however hands on is recommended for those looking to learn features more extensively.

- Walkabouts

For this training a trainer will be with you for the day and walk around to each individuals desk to spend an allocated amount of time helping them with a specific issue. This training is popular for busy workplaces and having an expert on hand to fix little issues with particular softwares (for example spreadsheets).

- More Services

We offer a whole host of other services which are available both in-house and at our public training courses.

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