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Online Learning - LiveLearning

At SquareOne we understand that ongoing training is pivotal to the future success of a business. By continually up skilling a workforce you can ensure that you are in a position to deliver and exceed your client's expectations.

However, although training is essential it is often difficult for organisations to free up time during the working day. Whilst speaking to our customers we discovered that many employees feel their training needs are often "put on hold" due to hectic and demanding business schedules and our battle with the Covid 19 outbreak.

Employers also feel that when staff do attend formal training events the travel time can be costly and non-productive.

We realise for some of you this is very new - but rest assured with our Online Training you are in good hands - we have been delivering Online Training for several years to 1000's of people.

SquareOne LiveLearning - How Does it Work?

We use various tools such as WebEx, Zoom and Teams, which allows us to meet with anyone, anywhere, in real time. By using these screen sharing software solutions, an internet connection and high quality audio equipment we broadcast our training to our attendees in real time. All you need to join is an Internet connection (WEB) and sound capabilities on your PC, MAC or Laptop.

Do I need to have a headset? Ideally but not essential. As long as you have sound capabilities.

Do I need a microphone? This is not essential. All laptops have built in microphones and speakers. If you have a PC without this, then as long as you have sound or a telephone that you can use to dial in.

Do I need to speak on the course? We like to check that you are ok and will show you how to mute and unmute to speak to the trainer. We will also show you how to use Chat - so that you can send instant messages if you would like.

Do I need to show my video? We realise that not everyone is comfortable with this, so no this is not essential. Over use of video at this time will slow down all connections so we may need you to not show it,

How do I join? On the day of the course just open our web link which will be sent to you and you can join without the software installed. Most packages will ask you if you want to install the app or if you want to join online without. It is best to try this out at least 15 minutes before the session.

If you are a 'first timer' we understand that you may be unfamiliar with the process of entering a LiveLearning event - that's why we can offer a practice run before the event to give you some reassurance or allow you to join early.

How many people might there be on a session? We are going to keep the sessions to a maximum of 10 people.

Will there be practice time for me to understand it? We will send you a PDF manual prior to the start of the session or Quick Reference Guide for short courses. You will also be sent the training files to use so you can practice during and after the event.

Will I receive a certificate? Yes you will receive a certificate of completion.

When and how do I pay? At the time of booking you will receive an invoice to pay. This needs to be paid prior to the start of the session.

What if I feel ill and cannot attend? We asked that if you are feeling unwell, that you try to get someone to let us know with as much time as possible. We will then give you another course at a later date.

Can I use LiveLearning to do consultancy? Yes this is a perfect way to have 1:1 training/consultancy with some of the top trainers.

Do you train in other languages? Yes we have trainers that are Spanish, French, German, Polish and Italian. Please let us know if you need something specific and we can advise on availability and cost. If not specified then all courses will be delivered in English.

Can I use this form of Online learning for company closed courses for my team? Yes, this is a perfect way of training and collaborating with your team. This works really well with rollouts.

Who can use SquareOne LiveLearning?

LiveLearning is an effective solution for any organisation wanting to deliver:

  • Large scale regional, national or international corporate rollout projects
  • One to One focussed training for individuals, departments or executive teams
  • Training programs for home based staff, remote sales staff or offshore staff; all of whom can be trained without the need to travel to the nearest company office
  • Software product support
  • Focused training on a specific topic.

What are the benefits of implementing LiveLearning?

There are many benefits of using SquareOne LiveLearning;

  • You and your staff can receive training without having to leave your desk
  • Delegates can interact with our expert trainers by asking questions and raising discussion points
  • Some of our LiveLearning courses last between 1-2 hours in length, so training can easily be fitted into the working day
  • Training travel time and travel costs are eliminated
  • LiveLearning reduces training time for the critical masses
  • Our short sessions compliment other training methods
  • Training can be implemented to meet fluctuating training demands
  • LiveLearning is a great way of learning and stops feelings of isolation

Typical LiveLearning Events include:

  • Full day courses broken down into modules
  • Using Outlook Effectively
  • Managing your Mailbox in Outlook
  • Outlook Calendars and Tasks
  • Excel Data Manipulation
  • Creating Excel Pivot Tables
  • Utilising Excel Formulae
  • How to use Microsoft Office Shortcuts and Tips to reduce the risk of RSI
  • Working with Tables and Forms in Word
  • Working with Long Documents in Word
  • Tips and Tricks for Editing Large Documents
  • Design effective presentations in PowerPoint
  • Create Charts and Graphs in PowerPoint
  • Welcome to SharePoint Overview
  • Office 365 Training
  • Microsoft Forms
  • Microsoft Flows
  • Microsoft Teams
  • OneNote Overview.

If you would like more information about our LiveLearning please call our Sales Team on +44 (0)151 650 6907 or email