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Training to Combat RSI

SquareOne's trainers now provide dedicated training sessions to help companies combat the menace of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) caused by using a computer.

As many as two thirds of workers are believed to suffer from RSI, costing £300 million in lost working hours, and the problem is getting worse because of the increasing use of laptops and smartphones for remote working.

RSI covers a range of work-related upper limb problems, which can affect the hands, wrists, neck, arms and upper back. SquareOne's trainers are helping companies and their employees combat the problem of RSI by teaching them keyboard techniques and shortcuts which significantly reduce the use of the mouse.

The issue is tackled during an interactive seminar which can cater for up to 100 people.

Among the companies and organisations to benefit from our RSI Training Courses are Sellafield Ltd, the Health & Safety Executive and Merseyside Police.

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