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Tips & Tricks

Selecting 'ALL' in Microsoft Office

To select all in the page you are working from press CTRL + A

Deleting in Outlook

To delete without going into deleted items in Microsoft Outlook press SHIFT + DELETE.

Creating a chart in Excel

In Excel select the data and press F11 to create a chart.

How to print in PowerPoint

Press Ctrl + P

How to create a table in Excel?

To create tables in Microsoft Excel press CTRL + T.

Selecting Paragraphs, Lines & Documents in Word

To select a line in Word, 1 click in the margin
To select a paragraph in Word, 2 clicks in the margin
To select the document, 3 clicks in the margin OR CTRL + A

How quickly forward in Outlook

To forward the message that you are currently viewing in Outlook press CTRL + F.

Changing the pointers in PowerPoint

In slideshow view in PowerPoint to change pointer to pin press CTRL + P
To change the pointer to and arrow press CTRL + A
To change the pointer to eraser press CTRL + E

How to quickly undo in Office

To quickly undo in any Office program press CTRL + Z

Selecting shapes and objects in PowerPoint

To select random shapes in Microsoft PowerPoint press CTRL + CLICK.

To select all objects in PowerPoint press CTRL + A.

Shift + Click In Excel

In Microsoft Excel click in a cell – hold down SHIFT key and click to select