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Tips & Tricks

How do I hide my Desktop?

Press the Windows logo key and D to display and hide the desktop.

How to extend selection when highlighting in Microsoft Excel

When highlighting in Microsoft Excel, Press F8 to extend selection.

How to quickly lock your PC

Press the windows logo key and L to quickly lock your PC or switch accounts.

How to store repetitive text in Microsoft Word

IN Microsoft Word select text and press ALT + F3 to store repetitive text. Name the text. Type the name and press ENTER or F3 to insert.

How to create a new line after bullet points in Outlook

In Microsoft Outlook SHIFT+ENTER used in Number or Bullet Lists creates a new line.

Quickly activating the font list in Excel

Press Shift+Ctrl+F, this activates the font drop down list.

New task in area in Outlook

To create a new email, new meeting, new contact, new task in area in Microsoft Outlook press CTRL+N

Opening a Macro box in Excel

Press ALT+F8 in Microsoft Excel to open macro dialog box.

Jump to a particular slide in PowerPoint

When in slideshow view in PowerPoint to jump to a particular slide type the slide number you want to go to then press ENTER.

How to black out the screen in PowerPoint

In slideshow view in PowerPoint press B to blackout
In slideshow view in PowerPoint press W to whiteout

Repeat to go back to normal.

Highlight a Word

Double click on the word you would like to select.