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SquareOne Training - Unlocking Your Hidden Potential

Find out what makes SquareOne special in our video showcasing our services.

Microsoft Excel Flash Fill

This video will show you many tips and tricks for splitting data an Excel Column and merging cells together.

Flash Fill is in Microsoft Excel 2013 and upwards

Microsoft Word Tabs

Learn how to use Microsoft Word Tabs with this short training session.

Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks on Customising the Quick Access Toolbar

Learn useful tips on how to customise the Quick Access Toolbar in Microsoft Excel

Quick Navigation Tips in Microsoft Excel

This video will show you quicks ways of moving around spreadsheets and selecting data. Suitable for all users of Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft PowerPoint Shapes into Pictures

How to change Shapes into Pictures making presentations more interesting and dynamic

PowerPoint Blog SmartArt Graphics

Microsoft PowerPoint Blog - How to convert text into SmartArt Graphics to create Dynamic Presentations

Microsoft Word Tips

Microsoft Word Tips for selecting text and formatting. Presented by Lisa Johnson.

Excel VLOOKUP Shortcuts and Tips

A five minute demonstration of how to use the VLOOKUP feature within Excel

Format numbers and text in Excel

A quick tutorial demonstrating how to quickly add up and format numbers and text in Excel. A "must see" video for anyone who uses Excel on a daily basis.

Microsoft Excel Date Formatting and Grouping in Pivot Tables

This video is a training video to show you how to create date formats if they have been inputted wrong in Microsoft Excel. You will learn how to format from . to / quickly.

Also covered is filtering by dates, creating Pivot Tables and grouping by dates.